Indiscriminate Russian air strike campaign in Edleb, Syria, continues

EDLEB, Syria — On Tuesday, 27 June, Russian warplanes conducted seven strikes on the outskirts of the village of Serjah in the Jabal Zawiya region, located south of Edleb (Idlib) region in northwestern Syria.

These recent air strikes are part of an escalation in Russian attacks that have Edlib and neighboring Latakia since 20 June.

Tragically, the air strikes on 25 June resulted in the deaths of at least 13 people, including children, and the wounding of 30 others. One of the attacks specifically targeted a fruit and vegetable market near situated Jisr al-Shughur near the Turkish border.

Locals reported that the majority of those killed near Jisr al-Shughur were workers and farmers at a vegetable market adjacent to the site targeted in the Russian strike.

An eyewitness shared his harrowing experience, describing how he was loading tomatoes and eggplants onto vehicles at the market when a bomb suddenly exploded. He recounted, “I looked over and saw my neighbor screaming next to me. I carried him to safety. Some of the vehicle owners were injured, and others were killed.”

At present, there has been no comment from the Russian military regarding these incidents.