Few official reations to decision to try Islamic State members, says Foreign Relations Commission of North and East Syria

ZALIN, Syria — In recent public comments, member of the Administrative Body of the Foreign Relations Commission of North and East Syria Khalid Ibrahim, spoke about international and Arab reactions to the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria’s (AANES) decision to prosecute members of the Islamic State (ISIS).

He indicated that the trials will include all those who committed crimes against the peoples of North and East Syria.

Ibrahim indicated that they had contacted some countries of the US-led International Coalition to elicit their opinions on the move but they are waiting for responses.

With regard to the position of the Arab countries on this decision, Ibrahim explained that there are channels of communication between AANES and some Arab countries but their positions, and any possible assistance they might offer, remains unclear.

Some international human rights organizations have inquired about the details of the trial mechanisms and procedures, relevant laws, and the body that will conduct the trials, as the undertaking will cover anyone who committed crimes in North and East Syria on behalf of ISIS.

AANES’s decision to start prosecuting ISIS members comes after many appeals to the international community to repatriate their nationals held in North and East Syria or help establish an international tribunal to prosecute ISIS terrorists. Neither option has been seriously pursued.