President of Universal Syriac Union Party in Lebanon Ibrahim Mrad rises up against Lebanese authority after abstention from voting on UN General Assembly resolution on missing Syrians

BEIRUT — The Secretary General of the Christian Front and President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) in Lebanon Ibrahim Mrad rose up against the Lebanese authority, expressing his dissatisfaction with Lebanon’s abstention from voting on the decision to establish an independent institution to reveal the fate of the missing and detainees in Syria.

“Shame on this Syrian Baathist Iranian authority, which is falsely called a Lebanese authority, to abstain, through its diplomats, from voting on the UN General Assembly resolution related to revealing the fate of the missing in Syria, including hundreds of Lebanese, whose families have been waiting for them since many years,” Mrad stated via social media.

Mrad added that this abnormal situation is due to not confronting the Iranian occupation which controls the Lebanese state and places it outside the values and defense of human rights.

The recent UN General Assembly resolution was widely welcomed by the international community and human rights activists.

Only Qatar and Kuwait did not vote for the resolution, and 13 countries abstained from voting, because they want to normalize relations with the Syrian regime, forgetting 12 years of killing, torture and systematic destruction in Syria.

Germany, through its Foreign Minister Stefan Schneck, welcomed the vote about the UN General Assembly resolution.