France repatriates more women and children associated with ISIS from North and East Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — On Monday, the French Foreign Ministry stated that it had repatriated 10 women and 25 children from families of the Islamic State (ISIS) from camps in North and East Syria. It is the 4th such repatriation by France.

According to the Ministry statement, minor children were handed over to the concerned agencies for providing social care and follow up on social and health status, while adult women were handed over to the relevant judicial authorities.

Al-Hol and Roj camps in North and East Syria host a large number of ISIS families. The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) constantly appeals to all countries to repatriate their nationals as quickly as possible.

France has been subjected to international condemnation for its slow repatriation of nationals detained in camps in North and East Syria. In the first repatriation operation that took place last year, France repatriated 16 women and 35 children, followed by a second batch that included 15 women and 40 children.