Nineveh Plains towns of Alqosh and Baghdede hold cultural festivals

ALQOSH and BAGHDEDE, Iraq — On the occasion of the Feast of Mor Tuma (St. Thomas the Apostle), celebrations were held in the Nineveh Plains towns of Alqosh and Baghdede in Iraq.

In collaboration with the youth of the Old Alqosh Market Committee, the Chaldean Church in Alqosh organized a vibrant festival in the scenic gardens of the Monastery of the Most Holy Redeemer.

The festival was graced by the presence of Chaldean Archbishop Boulos Thabet, along with priests Rudi al-Saffar and Adam Hanna. A multitude of Alqosh residents, as well as evangelical deacons, also attended the festivities.

Spanning two hours, the festival featured an array of activities, including friendly competitions, refreshing water games, and captivating folk dances.

In Baghdede, the Dakshashi Cultural Club, in collaboration with the Sustainable Peace Foundation and the St. Paul House for Church Services, organized the With Culture We Live Together cultural festival.

The festival included speeches on the significance of culture in people’s lives and the importance of such events. Attendees were treated to the recitation of poignant poems, captivating theatrical performances, and enchanting traditional songs. An array of handicrafts and diverse literary material were proudly displayed.

The festival culminated with the distribution of certificates of appreciation to all participants who demonstrated their creativity in writing, singing, acting, and music workshops.