Alfred Riachi urges Lebanese political parties to embrace federal system as solution to ongoing crises

BERUIT — Alfred Riachi, Secretary-General of the Permanent Conference of the Federation, renewed his call for Lebanese political parties to embrace the federal system as the only viable solution to address the ongoing crises in Lebanon, particularly in light of the repeated failure of the current centralized system.

Calls for the implementation of the federal system in Lebanon are gaining momentum as the most effective approach to resolving the country’s deep-rooted challenges.

In a statement to Hawar News Agency, Riachi, the Secretary-General of the Permanent Conference of the Federation, emphasized that the federal system is the sole path to a successful state in Lebanon.

He highlighted that the federal system is a viable option for Lebanon, particularly considering the periods of instability and the shortcomings of the current state model. According to Riachi, the federal system would improve stability, justice, equality, economic prosperity, and social development, in stark contrast to the failed central systems that have historically led to conflicts.

He stressed that the proposal for a federal system in Lebanon is not a reactionary measure, but rather a strategic proposal aimed at ensuring stability and harmony among all components of society. Furthermore, Riachi stated that any party labeling the federal system as dangerous lacks a comprehensive and realistic political vision.

In conclusion, Riachi mentioned ongoing meetings and discussions with Syriac Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rai who shares a degree of alignment with the federal proposal, indicating the importance of continued dialogue and collaboration in advancing this approach.