Murders of women in Turkey, northern Syria, and Iraq escalating, according to women’s rights group We Will Stop the Killing of Women

ANKARA — Turkey-based women’s right group We Will Stop the Killing of Women stated in its monthly report that 22 women were killed by men and 27 others lost their lives under suspicious circumstances in Turkey, northern Syria, and Iraq during the month of June.

Of the 22 women killed, 6 were killed on the pretext of wanting to take decisions about their own life (such as wanting to divorce, refusing to reconcile, refusing to marry, or rejecting a relationship), 2 on the pretext of economic reasons, and 1 on the pretext of taking custody of their children. The reason why 13 of them were killed could not be determined.

Of the 22 women killed in June, 9 were killed by their husbands, 4 by men they were dating, 3 by men known to them, 2 by ex-partners, 2 by relatives, 1 by an ex-husband, and 1 by their son.

Twelve of the women (55%) were killed at home, 4 on the street, 3 at their workplace, and 1 at a hotel. The location where 2 women were murdered could not be determined.

There were 128 suspicious female deaths in the first 6 months of 2023.

The killings of women are increasing alongside the rise in destructive masculine mentalities, according to We Will Stop the Killing of Women.