Syrian Regime sells half of Damascus International Airport to “private sector partner” believed to be front for Iran

DARAMSUQ — Syrian regime-affiliated Al-Baath newspaper reported that the Syrian regime has entered into an agreement to sell 49% of Damascus International Airport to a private sector partner. According to media reports, the private partner is believed to be a front company for Iran, which has supported the Syrian regime throughout the civil war.

The Assad family continues to sell off Syria’s assets and hand them over to their supporters in the ongoing conflict. In 2019, the Syrian regime granted Russia a 49-year contract for the port of Tartus, dubbing it as a strategic move. Now, the regime has disclosed that a private sector partner will be involved in the operations of Damascus International Airport.

According to Al-Baath newspaper, the private partner will have a 49% stake in the investment, management, and operation of the airport, while Syrian Arab Airlines will retain a 51% share. The newspaper has not revealed the identity or nationality of the partner, but it has cited unnamed sources stating that this partnership is essential due to the challenging conditions faced by the civil aviation sector in Syria.

The article further mentions that the private partner will be responsible for all airport and ground operations and activities, including the provision of equipment, establishment of branches, and other related responsibilities. However, the rights of all workers and employees will be safeguarded.

Several media reports suggest that the partner taking over Damascus International Airport is, in fact, Iran. This development aligns with Iran’s efforts to recover its debts from the Syrian regime, accumulated during the years of the Syrian crisis.