Chaldean churches in Ankawa, Iraq, celebrate First Communion

ANKAWA, Iraq — In a joyous display of faith and spiritual devotion, Chaldean churches in Ankawa, Iraq, including Mor Gorgis, Mor Joseph, Mor Peter and Paul the Apostles, and Mor Tuma, hosted their First Communion ceremony for children.

On Friday, 89 girls and boys from the churches attended a Divine Liturgy in the Church of Peter and Paul the Apostles, presided over by Archbishop Mor Bashar Matti Warda.

Prior to receiving Communion, the children received religious lessons from the esteemed nuns of the Chaldean Daughters of Mary Convent and the dedicated priests of the churches. These lessons served as spiritual preparation, ensuring a meaningful experience for the young communicants.

During the Holy Communion, Archbishop Mor Bashar Matti Warda delivered an insightful sermon, highlighting the significance of a Christian upbringing. He emphasized the crucial role played by the environment in which children are nurtured, as well as the importance of the behaviors adopted by both children and parents.

This cherished celebration of First Communion served as a reminder of the enduring faith and unity within the Ankawa community, leaving a lasting impression on the hearts of all who participated.