Repression in Turkey Continues: Alarming increase in arrests and prisoners revealed

ANKARA — The government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan persists in its policy of suppressing dissent and carrying out arrests against its opponents. According to a report by the Council of Europe’s Annual Criminal Statistics on Prisoners, Turkey holds the highest number of prisoners in Europe, both in total and per capita, surpassing more than a third of all member states of the Council of Europe.

Media reports have highlighted that following Erdogan’s electoral victory in May, the government initiated a campaign of arbitrary arrests targeting members of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (Hür Demokrat Parti, HDP), activists, and opponents, as part of its ongoing repression to maintain power.

The report indicates a staggering 369% increase in the number of detainees and prisoners in Turkey since 2005, setting a new record among European countries. This percentage starkly exposes the extent of repression faced by political opponents and the severe limitations on freedom within the country.