Israeli President Isaac Herzog condemns Jewish extremist attacks on Christians in Israel and vows to take action

TEL AVIV — Following a series of disturbing incidents involving Jewish extremists targeting Christians and their sacred sites in Israel, Israeli President Isaac Herzog strongly condemned the incidents and those responsible. He characterized these actions as evil and shameful, vowing to put an end to this troubling reality within Israeli society.

President Herzog expressed his condemnation of the violence perpetrated by extremist groups against Christian sites and clergy in Israel, including churches and cemeteries. He noted with concern that these incidents have been on the rise in recent weeks and months. Personally engaged in the matter, he assured the public that he is actively collaborating with law enforcement officials to address this issue effectively, emphasizing the urgent need to combat such evil acts that bring shame upon society.

Herzog’s remarks come in the wake of a series of violations, which include deeply troubling incidents like spitting on the Armenian archbishop and pilgrims during a march in Jerusalem, desecrating graves in the Protestant cemetery on Mount Sahioun (Zion), and vandalizing the Maronite community center in Ma’alot Tarshiha, among other acts of bigotry and aggression.

The President’s unequivocal condemnation signals a firm commitment to upholding religious tolerance and respect for all faith communities in Israel. By acknowledging the severity of these violations and actively seeking to address them, President Herzog aims to foster a society where peaceful coexistence and mutual respect prevail.