Patriarch of Ancient Church of the East visits historic monastery in Northern Iraq

NINEVEH, Iraq — The Patriarch of the Ancient Church of the East Mar Gorgis III Younan, embarked on a tour of monasteries, churches, and parishes as part of his itinerary. Accompanied by the Fathers of the Holy Synod of the Ancient Church of the East, the Patriarch made a significant stop on Tuesday at the renowned Monastery of Mor Mattai in Nineveh Governorate in northern Iraq.

Upon arrival, they were warmly welcomed by Syriac Orthodox Archbishop of the Diocese of Mor Matti’s Monastery and its Environs Timotheus Mousa Shamani, along with the dedicated priests of the archdiocese. During their visit, the Patriarch received a comprehensive overview of the various departments within the monastery, delving into its historical background and significant contributions to the Christian faith.

Expressing gratitude, the Patriarch concluded the visit by extending his heartfelt appreciation to the Archbishop and other clergy for their warm reception. He humbly requested their prayers for his leadership of the Church and the faithful.