Concerns rise as Turkish occupation establishing new settlement, fueling demographic change in Cafrin, Syria

CAFRIN, Syria — Turkish occupation authorities in Syria, in coordination with the Turkish Daniz Fenreri Organization, are actively involved in the construction of a new settlement in Jinderes District in Carfin (Afrin) Canton. This latest project is part of a larger effort to cement demographic change in the areas of northern Syria occupied by Turkey.

According to a source from Cafrin, the settlement project encompasses over 400 housing units and aims to accommodate the families of Syrian National Army (SNA) members from Eastern Ghouta in rural Daramsuq (Damascus), as well as the cities of Hmoth (Homs) and Hemto (Hama). The SNA is a Turkish-backed proxy force comprised of several militia groups, some of which hold religious or nationalist extremist views.

Jinderes has experienced drastic demographic shifts, particularly following the 2018 Turkish invasion and the earthquake that struck the region on 6 February this year. These changes involve the establishment of settlements in the district and its villages, alongside the resettlement of Turkmen and SNA families.