Syrian Democratic Forces reinforce readiness against Turkish occupation and internal strife

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Conducting a comprehensive meeting involving all components and military institutions, the Military Council of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) assessed the current political and military developments in Syria.

Led by SDF General Commander Mazloum Abdi, the meeting delved into evaluating reports from various military councils and institutions. Discussions also centered around the prevailing political and military situation, including the ongoing attacks by Turkey and its Syrian National army (SNA) proxies and the resurgence of the Islamic State (ISIS).

Regarding the Syrian-Turkish rapprochement, the Council asserted that it could exacerbate the humanitarian and political situation in Syria, especially for the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES). The Council expressed concerns over potential negative consequences for all Syrian regions.

To prevent escalation and thwart the Turkish occupation’s continued attacks in northern Syria, the Council confirmed ongoing coordination with Russian forces in the western part of the Euphrates.

Addressing the actions of parties linked to the Damascus government, the SDF stated its determination to deal with attempts to foment strife and destabilize security in the northern and eastern regions of Syria.

In conclusion, the meeting emphasized the paramount importance of maintaining the defense readiness of the Syrian Democratic Forces against all threats. Their primary objective is to safeguard the civilian population and serve as a model of solidarity for the diverse components residing in North and East Syria.