Ancient Chaldean Church of Mar Aha in Aqrah, Iraq, restored to Chaldean Church after 40 years of encroachment

AQRAH, Iraq — In a remarkable achievement, the historic Chaldean Church of Mar Aha in the village of Sharman in Aqrah (Akre) District, Iraq, has been restored to the Chaldean Church after 40 years of encroachment. The diligent efforts of Chaldean Archbishop Najeeb al-Sami of Mosul and Aqrah were instrumental in reclaiming the church from the individual who had occupied it as a residence for his family.

This restoration marks a significant milestone as it sets a precedent for reclaiming other ancient properties, churches, and monasteries that have been wrongfully usurped over time. It’s a significant step towards upholding the principles of law and justice and returning these valuable cultural and religious sites to their rightful owners.

The efforts made by Archbishop Najeeb al-Sami deserve special recognition, as he tirelessly campaigned for the restitution of this historic church. His dedication to preserving the rich heritage of the region and ensuring justice prevails has resulted in a momentous outcome.

The Church of Mar Aha’s restoration not only brings back a sacred place of worship but also signifies the importance of protecting and preserving Iraq’s diverse cultural heritage for future generations to cherish and appreciate. This achievement serves as a beacon of hope for the restoration of other ancient sites that hold immense cultural and historical significance.