Syriac Cultural Society receives a delegation from the Rojava Association for Kurdish Literature and Culture

HASAKAH, Syria — In a bid to showcase the rich cultural diversity and historical contributions of the region’s communities, the Syriac Cultural Association in Hasakah, North and East Syria, welcomed a delegation from the Rojava Association for Kurdish Literature and Culture. The two organizations engaged in fruitful discussions, exploring joint projects and events aimed at promoting coexistence and camaraderie among the region’s various components.

Led by Adnan Berri and Sipan Ismail, the Rojava Association delegation was received by Syriac Cultural Society representatives Ibrahim Adamo, Armen Mardo, Samar Daoud, and Bassam Qass Hanna.

During the visit, the Rojava Association extended an invitation to the dialogue forum commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne and proposed a cultural festival in conjunction with the Syriac and Bell organizations. The meeting also revolved around collaborative efforts to celebrate and preserve the cultures and civilizations of the region. Moreover, the parties discussed the impact of youth migration on cultural diversity and cohesiveness in the area.

With a shared commitment to promoting unity and understanding among different communities, both associations emphasized the importance of joint work in realizing their goals. Looking to the future, they mutually agreed to foster exchange visits, further nurturing their relationship and cooperation.