Syriac villages in Lebanon proudly display identity with new signs

KAFR SGHAB, Lebanon — Demonstrating a strong connection to their Syriac heritage, several Lebanese towns and villages are placing Syriac signs at their entrances, embracing a history that spans thousands of years.

In an empowering initiative led by the Ehden Youth Association, the Lebanese Syriac village of Kafr Sghab proudly unveiled a new sign featuring the village name in Syriac script on Sunday. The initiative was made possible through the sponsorship of Yasmine Musa Karam, who resides in the diaspora but remains deeply connected to her roots in Kafr Sghab.

This move follows earlier efforts by the Ehden Youth Association which successfully installed Syriac signs in the regions of Ehden, Zgharta and Bcharre.

In Syriac, Kafr Sghab translates to “the tough village”, a name that reflects the resilience and strength of its community.

Numerous Lebanese Syriac-Maronite associations have also been actively working to promote and preserve the Syriac language and identity in Lebanon. Emphasizing the significance of this rich cultural heritage, these associations are dedicated to reminding the Lebanese people of their Syriac national identity and historical legacy.

By displaying the Syriac signs at the entrances of their villages, these communities showcase their pride and belonging to a heritage that has withstood the test of time, reaffirming the importance of cherishing and safeguarding this valuable aspect of Lebanon’s diverse identity.