Christian Front in Lebanon calls for confronting Hezbollah’s influence and addressing Presidential vacuum

ASHRAFIEH, Lebanon — During a meeting held at its headquarters in Ashrafieh, Lebanon, the Christian Front reiterated its call to resist the Iranian-backed Hezbollah’s influence in the country’s affairs.

In a strongly-worded statement following the meeting, the Front emphasized that the resolution to the presidential crisis must be found internally and expressed concerns that Hezbollah’s control over the local arena makes this prospect nearly impossible. The group accused Hezbollah of attempting to impose a president aligned with the interests of Iran.

The Front called upon all representatives that believe in an independent and sovereign Lebanon to unite in opposition against Hezbollah, a party labeled as a terrorist organization in several countries, and to prevent the imposition of its preferred candidate.

Regarding the recent visit of the French envoy, Jean-Yves Le Drian, to Lebanon, the Front asserted that it would not impact the presidential dossier. The group pointed out that during a meeting in Doha, four representatives from major countries made it clear that they did not approve of the dialogue that Hezbollah is seeking to impose through French mediation.

Furthermore, the Front criticized the centralized system in Lebanon, which it believes has contributed to the escalation of social issues affecting the Lebanese people. The group emphasized the significance of adopting a federal system that ensures a decent life for all citizens within their society.

The statement concluded with the Front expressing grave concern about Lebanon’s international classification as a hub for illegal immigration. It called for the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland as the country struggles to cope with the presence of two million refugees, especially amid the ongoing economic crisis and demographic changes that pose serious threats to Lebanon’s stability.