Syrian Activist’s home raided by security services after criticizing regime

DARAMSUQ — According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the home of activist Lama Abbas, a member of the Social Nationalist Party, was raided by security services of the Syrian regime following her outspoken criticism of the government through a video posted on social media.

In her video, Abbas called for significant changes, demanding the dissolution of the People’s Assembly, the dismissal of the government, and the reconstruction of Syria based on a new social contract. Additionally, she urged the prosecution of all those responsible for committing crimes against Syrians.

The security services conducted the raid late on Wednesday night after her video statements gained attention online. However, her daughter courageously refused to hand over the activist without an official summons, leading the security officer to eventually leave the premises.

In her impassioned video, Abbas also voiced accusations against Iran, alleging its involvement in several issues, including the burning of Sarouja in Daramsuq (Damascus) and the coastal forests. She expressed concern about their intentions and activities, particularly related to land acquisition in Syria.

She also criticized Russia, despite its claims of being an ally. Abbas pointed out the stark contrast between Russia’s substantial wealth in resources like gas and wheat, and the critical shortages faced by Syria in these essential materials.