Conditions in Shigur (Şengal / Sinjar), Iraq, worsening, according to head of Lalish Cultural and Social Center in Sinuni

SINUNI, Iraq — Dr. Suleiman Fano, head of the Sinuni branch of the Lalish Cultural and Social Center, has expressed grave concern over the deteriorating conditions in Shigur (Şengal / Sinjar) District, Iraq. According to Dr. Fano, the area suffers from poor service conditions, a lack of job opportunities, and the alarming issue of illegal groups kidnapping and recruiting children.

He highlighted that hundreds of children under the age of 18 have been abducted and forcibly trained by illegal armed groups. Some of these children were initially kidnapped and trained by the Islamic State (ISIS) nine years ago, Dr. Fano said, adding that in all this time, they have not been rescued. There are fears that they may, under the influence of extremist ideologies, turn against their own people.

Shigur continues to face challenges, despite being liberated from ISIS in 2015, various groups have asserted control over the region.

Additionally, there are concerns regarding the return of ISIS families from Syria to Iraq, with government assistance provided to them.