Turkey continues air raids, burning villages and forests in Nohadra (Duhok) Governorate, Iraq

NOHADRA, Iraq — Turkish forces have launched a series of air raids on villages in Nohadra (Duhok) Governorate, Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), resulting in the destruction of forests and farms belonging to local residents.

Despite widespread condemnation from local, regional, and international communities, Turkey persists in breaching international law and human rights norms through the targeting of civilians and civilian property in North and East Syria and northern Iraq.

According to a local source from Nohadra, Turkish warplanes targeted villages situated in the east of the governorate, specifically the villages of Merceda, Bir, and Basfra.

Following the airstrikes, significant damage was reported, including the burning of valuable forests and farmlands owned by the local population.

This recent series of airstrikes is far from being an isolated occurrence. Turkey has been conducting an ongoing bombing campaign since 21 July, with previous attacks occurring in Zab and Avashin areas.

The relentless attacks by Turkish forces in the region, ostensibly target the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), continue to raise serious concerns about the safety and security of local communities. The airstrikes have prompted calls for immediate international action to end the bombings and hold those responsible for civilian casualties accountable.