USUP President Ibrahim Mrad calls for action against armed militias amid unrest in Ayn al-Hilweh Refugee Camp

BEIRUT — President of the Universal Syriac Party (USUP) in Lebanon Ibrahim Mrad expressed concern over the events unfolding in the Ayn al-Hilweh Palestinian Refugee Camp in southern Lebanon, highlighting the critical issue of armed militias that undermine the concept of a true state and threaten the security of Lebanese people.

“It is abnormal that militias control vast areas of Lebanon, under the pretext of liberating Jerusalem and uprooting Israel and the US from existence,” Mrad stated, emphasizing the dangerous implications of such armed groups.

The recent armed clashes in the Ayn al-Hilweh Palestinian Refugee Camp, resulting in casualties among both Lebanese and Palestinian populations, have escalated due to conflicts over governance and the power struggles between different armed factions. Mrad sees this as a stark confirmation of Lebanon’s dire situation.

He further argued that the disregard for the authority of the state and its security and military agencies poses a significant threat to Lebanon’s stability, with Iran and Hezbollah playing influential roles in empowering militias with agendas unrelated to Lebanon or the Palestinian cause.

Mrad called upon the Lebanese Army and General Joseph Aoun to take assertive action and secure international support to expel all armed terrorist groups from the camps and relocate them to Gaza.

To achieve a free, just, and independent Lebanon, Mrad stressed the importance of applying international resolutions to dissolve all militias and terrorist gangs, while advocating for federalism as a means to restore Lebanon to its former glory.