Administration of North and East Syria addresses service and economic crises in extraordinary session

RAQQA, Syria — The General Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) convened an extraordinary meeting to address the pressing issues affecting the population of the region. The meeting focused on evaluating the work of the legislative councils and finding solutions to the deteriorating service conditions and living crises.

With the continued depreciation of the Syrian Pound and the economic challenges faced by the country, the General Council held a crucial session in the city of Raqqa. The meeting was attended by the Co-Chairship of the General Council and members of the legislative councils in the Autonomous and Civil Administrations in North and East Syria.

During the gathering, discussions centered around the urgent need to resolve the living crises that the population is currently enduring, including the scarcity of fuel, bread, water, and electricity. The decline in the value of the Syrian Pound against the US Dollar has had a significant negative impact on the overall economic and living conditions in North and East Syria.

Siham Quryo, the Co-Chair of the General Council, emphasized the importance of the extraordinary session to address the economic, service, and living situation in the region. Opinions and proposals were sought from the legislative councils to tackle the ongoing crisis and find viable solutions.

Georgette Barsoum, a member of the General Council, highlighted the severity of the economic situation and its impact on citizens in North and East Syria. She called on all citizens to stand united against any attempts to exploit the economic situation in the region.

As the challenges persist, AANES remains committed to finding practical solutions and addressing the urgent needs of the people to improve the overall service reality in the regions of North and East Syria.