Approximately 4,000 displaced Yezidi families returned to Shigur (Şengal / Sinjar), Iraq, so far this year

SHIGUR, Iraq — As part of the Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displaced People’s comprehensive strategy to address displacement within the country, a collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has facilitated the return of 4,000 Yezidis from 800 families to Shigur (Şengal / Sinjar) so far this since the inception of 2023.

Despite some returns, approximately hundreds of thousands of Yezidis remain displaced in camps in northern Iraq, with just as many displaced but having found shelter outside the camps.

Nohadra (Duhok) is home to four refugee camps accommodating those who have fled North and East Syria, in addition to another eleven camps that have provided sanctuary to those uprooted by the Islamic State (ISIS) onslaught on the Nineveh Governorate in 2014.