Sovereign Front for Lebanon holds urgent meeting following clashes in Kahaleh

SODECO, Lebanon — Following yesterday’s clashes in Kahaleh, Lebanon, between Hezbollah and local Christian residents, the Sovereign Front for Lebanon held an urgent meeting at its headquarters in Sodeco.

The Front condemned the violence instigated by Hezbollahin Kahaleh.

“The pro-Iranian Hezbollah militia has been conveying messages inside and outside Lebanon,” said the Front in a statement. “It strives to show Lebanon as a state whose decision is made by the alleged resistance, which hides behind ‘resistance’ in order to destroy the remaining elements of a state.”

The Front’s official statement further articulated that the tragic incident in Kahala, resulting in the loss of two lives, signifies a shared accountability. It attributed this responsibility to an assertive militia wielding authority and to a governmental structure headed by leaders overseeing departments and ministries that seem to lack a genuine national agenda.

Asserting a potential path towards resolution, the Front underscored that a viable solution necessitates the disarmament of Hezbollah, paralleling the principles outlined in the National Accord Document, applicable to all Lebanese political entities.

Addressing the rights of Kahaleh’s residents, the Front underscored the imperative for identifying the perpetrator responsible for the loss of life and ensuring that justice is served for the senseless shooting of an innocent young individual.

With a commitment to transparency, the Front inquired about the fate of the assailants who fled the scene following their criminal act. Additionally, it sought clarity on the whereabouts of the transported weaponry and urged an examination of the role played by state institutions in the situation.