Two people killed during armed clashes in Kahaleh, Lebanon, between Hezbollah and Christian residents 

KAHALEH, Lebanon — Two individuals lost their lives in Lebanon during clashes between Hezbollah members and Christian residents of Kahaleh, Lebanon. The incident began when a truck owned by Hezbollah containing weapons overturned. The confrontation occurred about 12 km southeast of Beirut.

A member of Hezbollah and a Kahaleh resident were killed, with conflicting accusations about who initiated the deadly clash. This event represents a significant escalation between Hezbollah and its opponents in Lebanon, intensifying existing sectarian tensions amid the country’s profound political and economic turmoil.

Lebanese Forces, a Christian party opposed to Hezbollah, alleged that the truck was transporting weapons, while Hezbollah claimed that “militias” in the area attacked their personnel guarding the truck. The confrontation led to an exchange of gunfire. Hezbollah confirmed it owned the truck but claimed it did not know what it was carrying.

A resident’s account revealed that when people approached the overturned truck, they were met with gunfire from unidentified assailants. The truck had overturned near Kahaleh on the road connecting Daramsuq (Damascus) and Beirut, prompting local residents to close the road in response.

The Lebanese Army confirmed that the clashes occurred after residents approached the overturned truck which was loaded with weapons and ammunition.

After arriving at the scene, the army transferred the contents of the truck to a military center and an investigation was launched under the supervision of the concerned authorities.

Hezbollah, founded by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), wields substantial influence in Lebanon, engaging in conflicts with Israel and providing support to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad during the Syrian civil war. The group’s military power has fueled tensions within Lebanon, as opponents accuse it of undermining the nation’s stability.

This incident follows prior deadly clashes involving Hezbollah and its allies. With Lebanon grappling with crises on multiple fronts, including politics, the economy, and public sentiment, the recent violence has the potential to exacerbate these challenges further.