US CENTCOM announces outcome of counter-ISIS operations for July 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. — During July 2023, the US Central Command, (CENTCOM) in collaboration with coalition and other partners, executed a series of operations to counter the Islamic State (ISIS), yielding significant results in the fight against the extremist group. A total of 31 operations were conducted, resulting in the elimination of 5 ISIS operatives and the apprehension of 30 others.

Maj. Gen. Matthew McFarlane, Commanding General of US-led Coalition, expressed gratitude for the dedication exhibited by the coalition-supported partners, highlighting the substantial decline in ISIS activities and effectiveness across their operational domain. He emphasized the coalition’s ongoing commitment to empowering and guiding partners to achieve a sustained defeat of ISIS.

The operations in July 2023 were distributed across Iraq and Syria, with a total of 31 engagements broken down by country as follows:

  • 20 partnered operations
  • 0 US-only operations
  • 2 ISIS operatives killed
  • 24 ISIS operatives detained
  • 11 partnered operations
  • US-only operations
  • 3 ISIS operatives killed
  • 6 ISIS operatives detained

Gen. Michael “Erik” Kurilla, CENTCOM commander, underscored the vital role played by the Iraqi Security Force and the Syrian Democratic Forces in addressing the challenges presented by ISIS within the region. He emphasized that the collaborative efforts of these partners remain central to achieving the lasting defeat of ISIS.