Delegation from Eastern Churches in India visit Syriac Heritage Museum in Iraq

ANKAWA, Iraq — On Thursday, a delegation from the Eastern Churches in India visited the Directorate of the Syriac Heritage and Museum. The delegation consisted of Archbishop of India for the Assyrian Church of the East Mar Okin Kyriakis, Syriac Orthodox Archbishop in India Mar Kyuris Julius, and Father Babi Varghese.

Director of the Syriac Heritage Museum Bernard Youssef welcomed the visiting delegation and discussed with them the history of the museum’s establishment, its departments, and the activities it organizes.

The delegation took a guided tour through the museum’s exhibits.

Conversations during the visit revolved around the deep-rooted historical ties binding the Indian and Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian peoples. Participants also discussed the enduring allure of the Syriac language, which serves as a testament to the cultural interplay between the two regions.

As the visit concluded, the delegation left an indelible mark by recording a poignant reflection in the museum’s visitors’ book. This gesture encapsulated the shared admiration for the cultural and historical tapestry woven by the Syriac Heritage Museum, fostering a bridge between distant lands united by a common heritage.