Syriac villages in Lebanon show strong connection to their Syriac heritage

KAFR HATNA, Lebanon — Proud of their Syriac roots, the youth of kafr Hatna village in the Batroun region placed a Syriac sign of their village name, at the village entrances, embracing a history that spans thousands of years.

kafr Hatna is the first town of the Batroun to write its name in Syriac.

kafr Hatna in Syriac means the village of the groom and son-in-law.

This move follows earlier efforts by the Ehden Youth Association which successfully installed Syriac signs in the regions of EhdenZgharta, Bcharre and, Kafr Sghab.

Many Lebanese Syriac Maronite associations are working to shed light on the Syriac language and identity of Lebanon.

They highlight the importance of preserving this valuable Syriac heritage to remind the Lebanese people of their Syriac national identity and history.