President of Universal Syriac Union Party in Lebanon Ibrahim Mrad: We refuse breaking the Christians will by the pro-Iranian Hezbollah

BEIRUT — After summoning a group of youth from the Kahala, Lebanon for investigation, President of Universal Syriac Union Party in Lebanon Ibrahim Mrad stated that he refuses breaking the will of Christians and all free Lebanese people, in favor of the pro-Iranian Hezbollah militia.

“Summoning the Kahala youth for investigation is absolutely rejected, said Mrad, calling on the Lebanese MPs and Sovereign Parties not to leave the Kahala youth and people exposed to abuse.

“Let them summon the militia members who encroached on the Kahala and its people and deliberately shot fire,” Mrad added, pointing out that they are known, and they celebrated the murder of martyr Fadi Bijani.

In other news, Mrad congratulated the sovereign MPs who signed a statement about the implementation of UN Resolution No. 1559.

He demanded that they turn this statement into an official document, signed by officials, parties and civil associations, as well as the Lebanese people in all regions, to be delivered later through an official delegation to the Arab and international communities.