Conference to discuss Syriac people endowments held in Turkey

ANKARA — Disputes have been continuing between endowment of Mor Gabriel Monastery and endowment of Mirde city, regarding the issue of Monastery of Mor Augin and Mor Malki in Tur Izlo (Mount Izla), Turkey.

The two monasteries are officially included in the endowments of the Syriac Church in Mirde. The Mor Gabriel Monastery seeks to transfer the two monasteries to Archdiocese of Tur Abdin and the Monastery endowment.

Accordingly, a conference was held in Ankara, headed by the Turkish Endowments General Official Sinan Aksu, with representatives of endowment of Mor Gabriel Monastery and Mirde Endowment, as well as official of Istanbul Archdiocese Council Saeed Sochin.

During the conference, it was agreed to take steps to resolve the existing dispute.

According to private sources, sessions will be held in the near future to end the dispute.