United Arab Emirates condemns burning churches and Christian houses in Pakistan 

ABU DHABI — Following allegations of Quran desecration, a wave of unrest was triggered in Pakistan, with imams of mosques reportedly inciting crowds to violence against Christian communities. This turmoil led to the burning of five churches and the looting of properties left abandoned by their owners.

In response, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) condemned the viooence and expressed its appreciation for the measured and vigilant approach taken by the Pakistani government. The Ministry acknowledges the steps that Pakistan has undertaken to address these regrettable incidents.

The UAE Ministry underlined its stance against any actions that could undermine the security and stability of Pakistan. It emphasizes its firm rejection of practices contrary to humanitarian and moral values.

Respect for religious symbols and places of worship is a fundamental tenet, stated the Ministry, emphasizing the significance of avoiding any form of incitement. In these times, when global cooperation to uphold the principles of tolerance and coexistence is paramount, the Ministry urged all nations to stand together.