Former US Secretary of Defense denounces repeated Turkish attacks on North and East Syria 

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Condemnations of Turkey’s attacks on civilian and military personnel in North and East Syria continue.

Among the voices raised is that of former US Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller.

In comments made to media outlets during his tour of North and East Syria, Miller emphasized the urgent need for bolstering stability in the region. He delved into the prevailing challenges and threats that cast shadows on the area, stressing the vital importance of providing both economic and political support to fortify the region.

Miller’s tour also extended to examining the ongoing demographic transformation occurring in Turkish-occupied Cafrin (Afrin). On this note, he expressed that his visit to Syria was primarily motivated by the desire to gain firsthand insights into the reality on the ground.

Elaborating on the dire situation in Cafrin, Miller sharply criticized Turkey for what he labeled as an “open war”, pointing out the use of water as a weapon against unarmed civilians. He called on the global community to pay greater attention to the unfolding tragedy within North and East Syria due to the violations committed by Turkish forces.

Addressing the broader Syrian context, Miller pivoted to the issue of drug use, which he claimed Iran was employing as a tool against both Iraq and Syria. He sounded the alarm that these narcotics might infiltrate Europe and the United States. In this context, Miller indicated that the US-led International Coalition has an opportunity to shift its focus from battling the Islamic State (ISIS) to lending support to the fight against drug trafficking.