Syrian Democratic Council stands in Solidarity with protesters in southern Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Amidst the growing unrest and instability in various Syrian cities, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) of North and East Syria released a statement expressing its solidarity with demonstrators and expressing it is paying close attention to the evolving situation.

In its statement, the SDC said the protestors in Syrian cities who are vocalizing their discontent with the state of the country and opposition to the policies of the Syrian regime deserve to have their voices heard. The SDC strongly condemns the use of violence and suppression against the demonstrators.

It further called upon Syrian authorities to adhere to United Nations resolutions concerning peaceful demonstrations and the release of arbitrarily detained individuals.

Emphasizing the vital need for a political resolution to the ongoing crisis within Syria, the SDC asserted that these peaceful protests represent a legitimate avenue for achieving the desired goal of democratic change.

As the situation demands a unified stance from the Syrian populace and a heightened national consciousness about the burdens and underlying issues created by the entrenched central authoritarian regime, the SDC urged collaborative action to halt the conflict and address the escalating humanitarian crisis. The SDC encouraged all Syrians to demonstrate solidarity with the demonstrators and their cause.