Unidentified armed faction in Libya calls for uprising against Turkish-supported groups

TRIPOLI — An unidentified armed group in Libya issued a call for the Libyan populace to rise against Turkish-backed groups in the country to prevent Turkish control over vital infrastructure.

Frustrated by the international community’s silence and the lack of response from the Libyan government regarding Turkey’s expanding control over Libyan national assets, the group issued a statement on Friday calling for a popular uprising.

It asserted that Turkey had asserted control over strategic Libyan infrastructure, including the Al-Watiya Air Base, the Port of Sidi Bilal, and the crucial Port of Khums.

Highlighting the timing of the revolution in conjunction with what they termed the inaction of the “illegitimate Dabaiba family” government in Tripoli, the group emphasized that the Turkish bases within Libya are precursors to colonization, potentially consigning the nation to a past era to the detriment of Libyan pride and dignity.

The group clarified that the core objective of this uprising is to send a resolute message to the Turkish occupiers, asserting that the Libyan populace will not tolerate a recurrence of occupation that pillages their resources, national wealth, and undermines their sovereignty.

Emphasizing that all Turkish-occupied sites are legitimate targets in support of the revolution’s cause, the group underscored its determination.