Syriac Progressive Youth Union in Syria participates in a cultural activity of Youth and Sports Authority of Democratic Autonomous Administration

RAQQA, Syria — The young women of the Syriac Progressive Youth Union in Syria participated in a cultural activity held by the Women’s Office of the Youth and Sports Authority in the Gozarto (Jazira) Region, North and East Syria.

“The 4-day activity was held in Raqqa, and included awareness sessions and recreational activities for Syriac, Kurdish and Arab young women,” Co-Chair of the Syriac Progressive Youth Union in Syria Mariana Issa stated to our news desk.

Issa added that the participants were divided into groups. The first day included sessions about the identity of women, followed by a tour to the Jabar Archaeological Castle in Raqqa.

The second day included lectures on the problems faced by young women due to war effects, followed by a water games activity.

The third day included sessions on the cultures of Syriac, Kurdish and Arab women.

The fourth day included evaluating the whole sessions.

Issa declared that the interaction of the participants was positive during the entire activity, and the participants demanded repeating such activities in the coming period.