Seminar in Zahle, Lebanon, addresses blockade of Nagorno-Karabakh

ZAHLE, Lebanon — Amid the illegal Azerbaijani blockade of the Lachin Corridor linking Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, the Tashnag Party organized a seminar in Zahle, Lebanon, to shed light on the situation.

Distinguished figures were in attendance, including General Secretary of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) Michel Mallo, Mayor of Zahle Assaad Zgheib, Mayor of Anjar Vartkis Khoshian, representative of the Tashnag Party Viken Topozian, Commissioner of the National Liberal Party in Zahle Fares Shamoun, representative of the Lebanese Forces party Ibrahim Salibi, Representative of the Kataeb Party Danny Fayad, Head of the Lebanon Youth Movement Wadei Hanna, Representative of the Zahle Gathering Joseph Massad, Head of the Gathering of Industrialists in the Bekaa Nicola bu Faisal, and Father Alishan Apartian.

The speakers addressed Azerbaijan’s violations of the peace agreement, including preventing of essential goods and medicines from entering the region, as well as obstructing Armenians from accessing Nagorno-Karabakh and returning to their homes from which they were forcibly displaced. In contrast, Azerbaijan facilitates the exit of Armenian residents, aiming to erode the region’s Armenian identity.

During the seminar, the party announced its plan to organize a demonstration in Bourj Hammoud, Beirut, next week. The purpose of this demonstration is to call upon relevant international bodies to exert pressure on Azerbaijan and to demand the lifting of the blockade on the region’s inhabitants.