Temporary administrative council established in As-Suwayda after work of Syrian government directorates suspended

AS-SUWAYDA, Syria — In response to the suspension of all Syrian government directorates in As-Suwayda as a result of the ongoing protests in the region, a group of retired officers within the city announced the establishment of a temporary council committee to oversee the management of both As-Suwayda and its surrounding areas. Additionally, a military committee has been formed to manage regional matters and engage with citizens.

Following discussions with Druze al-Muwahhidun Sheikh al-Aql Kikmat al-Hajiri, retired Brigadier General Nayef al-Aqel issued a comprehensive statement outlining an eight-point plan aimed at effectively managing the affairs of As-Suwayda and its environs.

Central to the plan is the formation of a military committee, overseen by Brigadier General Nayef al-Aqel, tasked with unifying various factions and supervising their operations. This collaborative approach aims to enhance social security on the provincial level. The plan also calls for the removal of confidence from members of the People’s Assembly and local administration in the city, alongside the creation of a temporary board of directors to govern regional matters.

Furthermore, the statement underscored the importance of establishing a specialized body that encompasses all ethnic components of As-Suwayda. It reiterated the people’s commitment to Syria’s territorial integrity and emphasizes the imperative of addressing the ongoing political crisis within the country, with the ultimate goal being to peacefully achieve political resolution in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution No. 2254.