Dialogue session held in Shirqat, Iraq, to discuss preservation and development of Ashur Archaeological Site

SHIRQAT, Iraq — The Syriac Heritage Museum, in collaboration with the Shlomo Documentation Organization and Assur Peace Project, organized a dialogue session exploring ways to enhance and safeguard the archaeological site of Ashur, an ancient Assyrian city.

The session was hosted by Dr. Yilda Raz Mahang, a lecturer at the American University in Iraq Sulaimaniyah (AUIS) and member of the AUIS Center for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (CACHE).

Among the attendees was a former Iraqi Minister of Science and Technology, the Director General of Syriac Culture and Arts, and Shirqat District residents renowned for their keen interest in Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian antiquities and heritage.

The session delved into multifaceted discussions concerning the optimal preservation, development, and care of the Ashur archaeological site. These deliberations further encompassed strategies to attract tourists to this historical marvel and effectively introduce it to the younger generations.

Concluding the session, the floor was opened for a productive dialogue that yielded a series of insightful recommendations and determinations. These include a strong emphasis on the revitalization of heritage sites.

This comprehensive set of recommendations will be formally communicated to relevant authorities within the Iraqi government, facilitated through representatives in the Iraqi parliament.