Canadian delegation visiting North and East Syria emphasizes support for Autonomous Administration

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — As part of the ongoing engagements between international delegations and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), a Canadian delegation recently visited to North and East Syria. Discussions encompassed various pertinent issues, with a strong emphasis on enhancing efforts to back AANES and achieve equitable justice across Syria.

The Canadian delegation consisted of Senator Kim Pate, Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Ottawa and Dalhousie University Alex Neff, former Canadian Ambassador to the Baltic States Scott Heatherington, and member of the Law Society of Ontario Hadayt Nazami.

The delegation was welcomed by Co-Chairs of the AANES Foreign Relations Department Rubel Baho and Fener al-Kait, alongside administrative board members Khaled Ibrahim and Gulistan Ali.

During the discussions, Senator Pate called on the international community to extend more support to AANES, underlining the administration’s significant achievements in promoting justice and equality.

Echoing these sentiments, Neff emphasized the imperative for the international community to acknowledge and recognize the considerable sacrifices made by the people of North and East Syria in the collective victory over the Islamic State (ISIS).

Al-Kait stated that a lasting solution to the Syrian crisis lies in intra-Syrian dialogue.

Al-Kait also called upon Canada and the global community to contribute assistance and backing for the equitable trial of ISIS terrorists, a course of action previously announced by AANES.