Kyrgyz delegation visits North and East Syria, repatriates 30 women and 64 children from camps

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA —On Monday, an official delegation from Kyrgyzstan visited the Foreign Relations Commission of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) to engage in discussions regarding the latest developments and to take custody of 94 women and children from the Islamic State (ISIS) families held in camps across North and East Syria.

The delegation was led by Bakit Kadyrov, a representative of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and included members of the State Committee for National Security Erzan Chukoev, Erlan Namazov, and Nur Kenjibekov, representative of the State Committee for National Security Asil Mirzaeva, as well as First Secretary of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Adlat Sidikov.

The delegation was received by Co-Chair of the Foreign Relations Commission of AANES Rubel Baho and members of the Commission’s Administrative Board Khaled Ibrahim and Gulistan Ali.

During their meeting, both sides engaged in discussions regarding the relations between AANES and Kyrgyzstan, with a special focus on the joint efforts to combat international terrorism and the sacrifices made by the region’s inhabitants in countering the threat posed by ISIS.

Baho conveyed that AANES has resolved to initiate legal proceedings for the foreign ISIS terrorists currently in detention. He appealed to the Republic of Kyrgyzstan and the broader international community to provide support for establishing these judicial processes aimed at these individuals.

Baho also reiterated AANES’s stance on resolving the Syrian crisis through Syrian-Syrian dialogue, underlining AANES’s initiative rooted in the unity of Syrian territories and the safeguarding of the rights of all segments of Syrian society.

He also discussed the significant challenges confronting AANES, notably the consistent drone attacks by the Turkish military which have targeted both civilians and administrative figures. Baho emphasized that these actions undermine the collaborative efforts of military forces and the international coalition in their collective endeavor to combat ISIS.

Concluding their visit, the Kyrgyz delegation took custody of 30 women and 64 children with Kyrgyz nationality who are family members of ISIS detainees. These individuals were officially transferred to the delegation with appropriate documentation.

Both parties underscored their commitment to ongoing cooperation and the further development of relations between their respective management institutions. They also affirmed their shared dedication to ensuring the successful execution of forthcoming repatriation operations.