Two Syriac Security Forces members successfully complete specialized officer training in Raqqa, Syria

RAQQA, Syria — The Syriac Security Forces (Sutoro) continue to demonstrate their commitment to enhancing their skills and capabilities by actively participating in specialized training programs conducted by the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East Syria.

Two dedicated Sutoro members proudly graduated from the 2nd Officers Course held at the Martyr Ali Melhem Academy in Raqqa.

The graduation ceremony commenced with a reverent minute of silence dedicated to the memory of the martyrs who have sacrificed for the freedom and security of North and East Syria. A military parade showcasing the graduates’ proficiency followed suit, exemplifying their dedication to their craft.

Attendees at the event included Sutoro officials, ISF administrators in Raqqa, the Training and Rehabilitation Committee, and representatives from a myriad of both civil and military institutions.

The proceedings encompassed a series of congratulatory speeches, all of which underlined the significance of comprehensive training and the pivotal role it plays in augmenting competencies and enhancing security operations.

The course spanned 30 intensive days and saw 50 participants. It encompassed a diverse curriculum, encompassing intellectual, political, and military lectures that contributed to their holistic development.

The culmination of the event was marked by the distribution of well-earned certificates to the graduates, symbolizing their successful completion of the rigorous training program. The commitment displayed by these graduates reflects the continued dedication of Sutoro to ensuring the security and stability of North and East Syria.