Restored altar consecrated at Church of Holy Trinity in ancient Monastery of Rabban Hormizd in Iraq

ALQOSH, Iraq — In a sacred ceremony attended by clergy, monks, nuns, deacons, and devoted worshippers, Chaldean Archbishop Boulos Thabet consecrated the restored altar of the Church of the Holy Trinity within the ancient Monastery of Rabban Hormizd in Iraq.

The original church altar was destroyed during the regional upheavals of the 1960s, compelling the congregation to conduct their Divine Liturgy on a makeshift table.

“This year marks the faithful reconstruction of the altar, meticulously restored to its original architectural grandeur,” one of the priests explained.

Significantly, the consecration event coincided with the annual commemoration of Rabban Hormizd on 1 September, as per the Chaldean liturgical calendar.

The ceremony concluded with a solemn procession, led by the clergy and joined by the faithful, encircling the monastery’s courtyard. Prayers and supplications were offered, seeking the saint’s intercession.