Extensive meetings held between SDF, US, and Dayro Zcuro (Deir ez-Zor) tribes, says General Commander Abdi; Syrian regime official Faisal al-Miqdad alludes to regime interference in Dayro Zcuro events

DAYRO ZCURO and MABBUG, Syria — The General Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Mazloum Abdi stated that they revealed plans of the Syrian regime aimed at controlling the areas of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) through their armed groups which entered from the western side of the Euphrates River during the recent tension and clashes between the SDF and Arab tribes in Dayro Zcuro (Deir ez-Zor).

Abdi confirmed in a televised interview with Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath on Monday that the tribes in Dayro Zcuro do not want the return of the Syrian regime and they also called for a peaceful solution to the crisis through expanded meetings.

He added that the US also demanded a peaceful solution to the crisis and held extensive meetings with the SDF, and the US-led International Coalition, in turn, provided the SDF with air support against the militants in Dayro Zcuro.

Abdi indicated that Turkey and the Syrian regime have tried to undermine the security of the region and create rifts between the various ethnic and religious groups in North and East Syria. The Turkish backed mercenaries headed towards Mabbug (Manbij), while the Syrian regime army, which was on the outskirts of Mabbug, withdrew from its positions.

In statements during a symposium held in Al-Assad Library in Daramsuq (Damascus), Foreign Minister of the Syrian regime Faisal al-Miqdad alluded to the close communication between the Syrian regime and the armed groups in Dayro Zcuro.

Al-Miqdad stated that, “The US occupation of North and East Syria, looting its wealth and supporting separatist terrorist groups will end due to the struggle of our heroic people in Deir ez-Zor and Hasakah alongside the Syrian Arab Army.”

Mahmoud Habib, spokesman for the Northern Democratic Brigade, revealed firm evidence of the Syrian regime’s involvement in spreading chaos in the region, and regime’s hope to regain control of North and East Syria.

Habib stated that, “The regime has transferred many fighters, whether from its militias, mercenary or clans, from the western bank of the Euphrates, after they have been involved in these battles, to the eastern bank of the Euphrates River through the Barid crossings in Thiban and the Hawaij crossing. This was not limited to transporting fighters only, but also providing them with weapons and ammunition, as well as transferring the injured to the other side, and transferring critical cases to Damascus via helicopters.”