Seventeen Days and Counting: Ongoing protests in Suwayda and Druco (Daraa) in southern Syria draw support from Raqqa’s women

RAQQA, Syria — For the seventeenth consecutive day, the resolute citizens of as-Suwayda and Druco (Daraa), alongside fellow Syrians across various governorates, have persisted in their demonstrations against the Syrian regime. These protests have garnered support from the women of Raqqa, North and East Syria.

In solidarity with their counterparts in as-Suwayda and Druco, the Women’s Council of the Future Syria Party in Raqqa organized a heartfelt demonstration under the banner “We Achieve Freedom and Democracy”. This demonstration unfolded within the confines of the Martyr Hevrin Khalaf Garden, situated to the south of Raqqa.

The event drew participation from members and leaders of the Women of Zenobia Assembly Council, the Syrian Women’s Council, as well as representatives from the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) and various political parties in Raqqa and its neighboring regions.

Throughout the gathering, attendees conveyed their unwavering support for demonstrations in southern Syria with impassioned speeches and poetic expressions of Syrian women’s indomitable spirit and their aspirations for freedom, equality, and the full realization of their rights.

The event culminated with fervent slogans echoing the resilience of women and vehemently denouncing the policies of authoritarian regimes that seek to marginalize their pivotal societal roles.

Meanwhile, in as-Suwayda, the people assembled at Al-Karama Square in the city center to take part in the ongoing demonstrations. As reported by Suwayda 24, video footage captured protesters toppling the statue of former Syrian President Hafez al-Assad, while other clips depicted the removal of Hafez al-Assad’s portrait from a government edifice, all set to the resonant chants of the demonstrators.