IRAQ: Mayor of Baghdede engages with federal government delegation to address urgent community needs

BAGHDEDE, Iraq — On 3 September, the mayor of the Nineveh Plains town of Baghdede, Issam Behnam Matti, welcomed a delegation of community development engineers to his office. This delegation had been tasked by Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani with assessing the essential requirements of Baghdede.

During their meeting, Matti provided the delegation with a comprehensive overview of Baghdede’s pressing needs, emphasizing the most critical areas for community development.

A key focus of the discussion was the situation of displaced families who have recently returned to their villages located along the Khazar River. These villages include Hassan Shami, Mankoba, greater Tel Aswad, lesser Tel Aswad, Jamkur, Safdinan, and others.

In response, the government delegation underscored the immediate necessity of initiating efforts to secure the fundamental requirements of these villages.

Matti elaborated on his extensive study of Baghdede’s villages and shared a well-conceived plan that he intends to present to the delegation. The goal is to implement these plans as expeditiously as possible to address the pressing needs of Baghdede’s communities.

The meeting was conducted in the presence of the Director of Municipalities of Nineveh and the Director of the Municipality of Baghdede. It reflects a commitment to facilitating collaboration and taking swift action to enhance the quality of life for Baghdede’s residents.