Christian Front in Lebanon advocates unity dialogues, rejects call by Speaker of Parliament Berri

BEIRUT — The Christian Front in Lebanon, following a routine assembly at its headquarters in Achrafieh, Beirut, has publicly voiced its endorsement and backing for a unified dialogue among Lebanon’s diverse ethnic groups under the banner “Which Lebanon Do We Want?”

Simultaneously, the Front rejected the dialogue initiative proposed by Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri.

In a formal statement, the Front emphasized that the Lebanese populace faces a pivotal choice between two divergent paths: one leading to a pluralistic, sovereign, free, independent, prosperous, and developed Lebanon, safeguarded by a just system that serves its citizens, preserves their dignity and rights, and ensures their safety through a legitimate army, security forces, and judicial institutions; the other path leads to a Lebanon marred by corruption, economic collapse, theft, drug-related issues, violence, kidnappings, international isolation, and the continued presence of militias influenced by foreign interests and agendas.

The Front called upon Christian and sovereign parties from all denominations to maintain their resolute stance in the face of what it termed “Iranian arrogance”. Additionally, it has urged these parties to compile a comprehensive dossier through an official delegation and present it to the international community to facilitate the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution No. 1559.

In a show of respect, the Front paid tribute to the martyrs of the Lebanese Christian resistance of September, encouraging the entire Christian community to honor their sacrifice through tangible actions, not mere words.

Furthermore, the Front expressed its hope for Christian political factions, Churches, and organizations to collaboratively devise and promptly implement a strategic plan aimed at reinstating the Christian community’s position as a free and influential societal entity.