Syrian regime concerned protests will spread to coastal regions amid rising determination for change

DARAMSUQ — Following nearly three weeks of unyielding protests in As-Suwayda, Druco (Daraa), and other regions in southern Syria, demonstrators have become increasingly organized and unwavering resolve in their calls for the ousting of the Syrian regime and the improvement of living conditions. Security sources within the Syrian regime, who chose to remain anonymous, have now expressed concerns about the potential extension of protests to Syria’s coastal areas.

These apprehensions are rooted in the fact that the coastal regions serve as strongholds for the Alawite minority, to which the Assad family belongs. These concerns have been amplified by unusual calls for a strike issued by activists hailing from these coastal regions.

The regime’s anxieties have been further fueled by the toppling of regime-related photos and statues by protesters, coupled with the establishment of a political entity in As-Suwayda tasked with regional governance. This newly formed body is dedicated to reinforcing the unity of Syrian territory, opposing separatist initiatives, and promoting the concept of autonomous administration within the framework of meeting societal needs. Additionally, it aims to combat the proliferation of drug-related issues, which have surged due to the alleged support provided by Syrian security services.