Israeli missile strikes hit Syrian military sites and Hezbollah depots

TARTUS and HEMTO, Syria — Israeli missile strikes have again targeted military facilities of the Syrian regime and weapons depots belonging to Hezbollah in the countryside of Tartus and Hemto (Hama).

The Israeli missile strikes in the countryside of Tartus, located on the Syrian coast, occurred around 5 p.m. on Wednesday, as confirmed by the Syrian regime’s Ministry of Defense. The Israeli attacks specifically targeted Hezbollah’s weapons depots in the region. The strikes resulted in the loss of three lives, two of whom were affiliated with the Syrian regime, while the third individual’s identity remains undisclosed. Several others sustained injuries in the strikes.

It was also reported that eight individuals, including five air defense officers, were wounded due to the targeting of the air defense base located in the village of Karto, near the primary strike site.

Following the missile strikes in Tartus, Israel conducted an air raid in Hemto, situated in central Syria. This strike focused on the scientific research center in Jabal and the village of Taqsis in Hemto’s countryside. As of the latest reports, there is no information available regarding casualties resulting from this attack.

Local media outlets also reported that the bombing extended to target Al-Shayrat Airport and the 47th Brigade, located south of the city of Hemto. It is worth noting that these Israeli strikes mark the first such incidents in September, coming three weeks after a similar bombing operation that temporarily disrupted Aleppo International Airport.