Head of Universal Syriac Union Party Ibrahim Mrad urges support for General Aoun as Lebanese presidential candidate

BEIRUT — Head of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) and Secretary General of the Christian Front Ibrahim Mrad urged religious leaders, sovereign authorities, political parties, representatives, and national council forces to nominate General Joseph Aoun, the Commander of the Lebanese Army, for the presidency of the Lebanese Republic.

Mrad’s appeal comes as Lebanon grapples with political uncertainty and instability, partly due to the influence of Iranian-backed Hezbollah, which has hindered the presidential election process. He highlighted the importance of embracing the initiatives and support offered by nations with good relations with Lebanon and the pivotal role played by the Lebanese military in ensuring stability.

In his statement, Mrad emphasized that General Aoun has demonstrated exceptional administrative and institutional capabilities, coupled with a strong commitment to Lebanon’s sovereignty and the safeguarding of its security and stability, even in the face of the dire circumstances affecting all Lebanese citizens.

Furthermore, Mrad asserted that the conditions are favorable for General Aoun’s ascension to the presidency, underscoring the urgent need for a strong and effective leader at this critical juncture in Lebanon’s history.

He renewed his call to religious authorities and Christian political parties to rally support for the Lebanese people, particularly the disheartened younger generation, who face the prospect of emigration due to the country’s economic collapse, unless decisive actions are taken to rectify the situation.